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Academic Art of Riding volume 6 - The Sidemovements

Side movements are the base of the dressage education. 

The sixth volume of the compendium "Academic Art of Riding" takes a close look at this topic. 

13 different trainers collect their knowledge and present various perspectives en détail. Besides all the information about the definition of side movements and how to ride them, beginners as well as experienced riders willl find useful tips to refine their work. While the latest scientific studies are introduced, biomechanics and tensegrity also get illuminated. 

An interesting read for riders on every level, that - just as the prior publications - is written bilingually.


                                                    * * *

Et utrolig spennende bokprosjekt er i gang i den akademiske verden! 

Vi gleder oss stort over at Bent Branderup og deler av hans ridderskap har gått sammen for å lage en bokserie på 17 bøker som vil bli sluppet omtrent hvert halvår fremover. 

Første bok "Horsemanship" kom i slutten av november 2017. 


“Two Spirits wanting what two bodies can” (Bent Branderup)

In our fast moving and digitised world many riders aim for a gentle and well-thought-out education for horse and rider, without the pressure of competing. 

The Academic Art of Riding is based on the knowledge of the old masters, like Xenophon, Pluvinel, Guérinière and Steinbrecht, just to name the most outstanding ones. Dedicating his life to the Academic Art of Riding, Bent Branderup studies the old masters over and over again, as well as he constantly questions his own and his students‘ work. 

17 single steps cover the academic ladder that schools body and mind of horse and rider.

Which heritage the old masters handed down to us riders? When did they agree on something and what did they criticize? Do our current studies of psychology, biomechanics and pedagogics match the old master`s knowledge and recommendations? The Knighthood of the Academic Art of Riding is a community of passionate horse people who share fundamental ideals and have at their disposal a certain level of proved skills. The main tasks of the international academy are research and education, always aware of ethical aspects that concern the human-equine relationship.

The 230 members consider themselves as belonging to a brain pool whose members advance through constant exchange. 15 to 20 of them will pass their knowledge to the readers of the „Academic Art of riding“ – they are well known experts of communication, body language, bitless art of riding, rehabilitation, psychology. 

From the first step –Horsemanship- to the Schools above the ground – they share their knowledge, always keeping the focus on two spirits wanting what two bodies can. To become one – just to spend a beautiful time together with our horses.

AAoR vol 6 - Side movements

kr 480,00Price
  • Av Bent Branderup m.fl.

    ISBN: 978-3-275-02208-3

    Titel-Nr.: 42208

    Størrelse: 230mm x 305mm
    Utgivelsesår: 2021
    Sideantall: 192
    Bilder: 150


    Engelsk og tysk tekst i samme bok.

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