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"This book is not intended to teach you how to ride or train your horse. It explains the essence, the ultimate goal of riding; the feeling of harmony, elegance and lightness all of us riders are looking for and sometimes find glimpses of. This book presents you with some of my experience, hands-on exercises and tips on how to use your body and mind to find harmony and lightness with your horse." - Ylvie Fros


Ylvie Fros is a squire and selected trainer in the Academic Art of Riding, Centered Riding Level III instructor and bodywork practitioner. She teaches around the world to promote healthy dressage for horses in combination with increased body awareness for riders. Ylvie has studied and continues to study with experts in horse and human biomechanics, Zen and the Academic Art of Riding. 

Harmony Lightness and Horses by Ylvie Fros

kr 300,00Price
  • Av Ylvie Fros

    ISBN:  978-90-829404-0-4
    Utgivelsesår: 2018
    Sideantall: 126

    Engelsk tekst.

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